Kass Hotel Georgia

Project Description:

The interior of the Kass Hotel in Georgia exudes modern luxury and sophisticated design. The lobby is a testament to the harmonious interplay of textures and colors that creates an atmosphere of upscale comfort. Warm golden lighting accents cascade down the glossy, reflective surfaces of polished dark stone, which adorns the floors and columns, enhancing the space with depth and a soft glow. The curvature of the ceiling and balconies introduces a fluid motion, softening the bold, geometric lines that define the space.

The color palette is both elegant and understated, employing a range of neutrals that emphasize texture and material. Rich browns and creamy beiges complement the dark stone, while the occasional use of deep red in seating provides a striking visual anchor. The expansive use of glass not only adds to the modernity of the space but also connects the interior with the exterior, allowing the natural light to accentuate the high-gloss finishes and meticulous details.

The furnishings are carefully selected to balance comfort with style, featuring contemporary designs that contribute to the overall sleek aesthetic. Each piece is both functional and sculptural, further blurring the lines between art and utility.