Project Description:

Every element within Blue Sky is meticulously curated to complement the view. The soft, ambient lighting within the restaurant is carefully balanced against the natural light that floods the space, ensuring that the atmosphere remains cozy and intimate throughout the day. The sleek curves of the bar area exude sophistication, inviting guests to linger over a drink while they take in the stunning vista.

The flooring, a rich tapestry of wood, adds depth and warmth, reflecting our ethos of integrating natural elements into modern design. The furnishings are chosen not only for their comfort but for their style, ensuring that every seat is both a luxurious retreat and a front-row ticket to the city’s grandeur.

At Blue Sky, STUDIO GAD’s vision of combining functionality with aesthetic brilliance comes to life, creating an experience that elevates the senses and celebrates the essence of the city. This is more than just a design; it’s a story told through space, light, and texture—a story that begins with each sunrise and concludes with the city’s twinkling nightlights.