Project Description:

CHI CHI exudes a vibrant, dynamic atmosphere through its design, a space where Far Eastern tradition meets contemporary flair. The bar terrace, a vision of energy and movement, is adorned with a striking color palette of black and rich gold elements, echoing the nightlife of Southeast Asia. Woven lanterns in varying sizes cascade from the ceiling, casting intricate shadows and a warm, inviting glow over the sleek, dark wooden furnishings. The terrace, a liminal space between the urban landscape and the sky, welcomes the fresh air and the buzz of the city, infusing the bar with a sense of liveliness and excitement. The design elements are carefully chosen to reflect the energy of life (‘Chi’), from the organic patterns that decorate the walls and partitions to the open layout that encourages flow and interaction. CHI CHI is a place of sensory delight, from its visually stunning decor to its pulsating music and rich fusion of flavors from across Southeast Asia.