Studio Gad- All Projects

Vivino Italian Restaurant marries nature's beauty with urban chic, featuring lush views, warm lighting, and Italian charm for an intimate, modern dining escape.
SaSaZu enchants with opulent reds, dramatic lanterns, and luxurious gold accents, offering a feast for the senses and a shared journey into Asian splendor.
Mojo Next Door offers a sleek, intimate setting with artistic metalwork, ambient lighting, and an open kitchen, crafting a luxurious yet approachable urban dining experience.
Experience the Rothschild 22 lounge area, where chic design and comfort converge, featuring engaging artwork and luxurious seating in a modern setting.
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel epitomizes luxury and sophistication. Its opulent lobby features plush seating, a well-stocked bar, and floor-to-ceiling windows that bathe the space in natural light.
Raphael Hospital's spaces boast modernity and functionality, equipped with cutting-edge medical technology to ensure optimal patient care and safety.
Enter the innovative Partners & Co law office, offering versatile workspaces for lawyers. It’s where legal expertise meets modern design and convenience.
The Park Hotel in Prague blends modern elegance with functionality. Sleek reception, cozy café, and premium Czech wines create a warm, welcoming ambiance for guests.
Explore the office's masterful design, where classic elegance and modern efficiency converge to create an inspiring professional environment.
MOJO SAN is a modern eatery that presents a harmonious blend of contemporary design and natural elements, creating an inviting and warm ambiance.
A refined lounge area with warm wood paneling, comfortable grey-toned seating, and inviting decor, mirroring Mediterranean Towers’ commitment to quality in retirement living.
Modern, serene maternity ward with muted teal and grey tones, plush seating, linear LED lighting, natural elements, and functional layout for comfort and accessibility.
The Kass Hotel lobby showcases a symphony of reflective stone, warm neutrals, and strategic lighting, creating a luxurious, modern haven of comfort and style.
Located in the corner of the Ritz-Carlton Herzliya lobby, the "Herbert Samuel" restaurant offers a view of the enchanting Herzliya Marina and the Mediterranean Sea.
Tour the GGY offices where cutting-edge design fosters productivity. Experience a workspace that balances modern aesthetics with functional excellence.
Immerse yourself in luxury and serenity at the Fattal Terminal, an exclusive haven away from the bustle of Ben Gurion Airport.
Dushi's reception combines modern design with natural textures, featuring a glowing reception desk, wood accents, and strategic lighting, reflecting its advanced healthcare ethos.
industrial sleek meets rustic charm, with dangling bulbs and rich wood tones, creating an energetic hub for coffee aficionados and conversation.
The Crown Square lobby embodies modern elegance and functionality. Its spacious design integrates natural elements
Como Restaurant: A symphony of copper lights and brick walls, where modern meets traditional in an elegant, inviting space for a refined, contemporary dining experience.
CHI CHI captivates with a fusion of black and gold, woven lanterns, and organic patterns, creating a pulsating atmosphere that embodies the vibrant 'Chi' energy.
The Butchery blends industrial charm with rustic warmth, featuring dark leather seats and black lighting, for a cozy, modern dining experience.
Boya Restaurant offers a visual feast that complements its gastronomic delights, with a design that merges the rustic allure of natural wood with the expansive serenity of seaside views.
Ascend to the Blue Sky project, designed by STUDIO GAD, for a dining experience that harmonizes breathtaking views with exquisite interior design. Relish in a space where city lights and culinary delight blend seamlessly.
A contemporary, warm retirement residence interior with comfortable seating, ambient lighting, and a spacious layout for a rich, safe, and communal living experience.
Immerse in the refined design of Bank Rothschild's headquarters, reflecting the legacy of one of the world's richest families with transparency and elegance.
Step into Althsuler's office, where financial expertise meets design precision. Experience a space reflecting reliability and sophistication in financial management.